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Our Story

We’re a family business based in the Highlands of Scotland and we invented the world’s first fully automated online parents’ evening booking system back in 2008. Our family’s roots lie in construction, quarrying, carpentry and joinery stretching back to the early 19th century. It was a tough way to make a living in one of the poorest and least populated parts of Britain - we certainly weren’t in it for the money.

So why do these dangerous jobs in all weathers, day in, day out?

To be the best we could be and serve people well. To learn skills inside out to a masterful level so we could bring designs to life of the highest quality. To create something special that people really value. It is this ethos that lives on today in Parents Booking. Our tools may be different, but we’re still driven to design and build to the highest standards. We’ve swapped our hammer for a keyboard to bring you the best designed booking system we know of. Over the last 25 years, we’ve been building software, not houses and we’ve chalked up an enviable reputation doing it. We always do our homework.

Our mission today...

To reshape and amplify the educational engagement conversation through technological innovation.


They make us better and we’re proud to call them part of our team. With their support, we achieve our goals quicker and raise the bar higher to give schools, teachers, parents and pupils more.

  • Firefly
  • Groupcall Messenger
  • Groupcall Xporter
  • ParentPay
  • Parents Portal
  • Wonde

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Case Studies

Parents Booking is trusted across the world by thousands of schools and millions of parents and teachers, but don’t just take our word for it. Find out how it has solved problems and made the lives of teachers, parents and pupils easier within the case studies below.

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