Take all the event and club sign-ups you could ever imagine, online.

Whether you have a student show/performance or a PTA meeting that you want to sell tickets or take registrations for, or your school runs a breakfast club, after-school clubs or sports teams, the Events and Clubs module for Parents Booking is here to help.

Parents Booking gives you everything you need to run a club and organise trips and events as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

With Covid restrictions hopefully a matter of history, schools will want to offer events, after-school club, breakfast clubs and perhaps wraparound childcare. Let Parents Booking do all the hard work of taking sign-ups for these, saving your vakuable time for other tasks; our Events and Clubs module is the answer you’ve been looking for.

  • Allow parents to book events, clubs and trips online.
  • Make bookings for parents or students where required.
  • Quickly track and remind parents who have not booked yet.
  • Limit attendance and booking numbers automatically.
  • Import your school's database's Custom Groups to set up  events and clubs for specific groups more easily.
  • Duplicate events quickly for faster setup of repeat events.
  • Manage cancellations easily.
  • Take payments online through our PayPal, Stripe or ParentPay integrations.


Simple. Intuitive. Versatile.

Our centralised booking management system is here to make your life easier, so you can spend less time chasing paperwork and more time focused on teaching. All you need in one place.