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Parents’ Evening Booking System

What is an online parents’ evening booking system?

It’s a way to make booking parents’ evening appointments – and the evening in general – easier for everyone.

  • Parents log in online and select appointment times that suit them
  • Parents can let teachers know of any issues or discussion topics ahead of time
  • Teachers check their appointments schedule in advance on the Parents’ Evening Booking System and prepare for their events
  • It’s that easy – no queues of kids, no lost appointment times, and a huge time-saver for staff
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Why use NetMedia’s Parents’ Evening Booking System?

  • Run smoother, more effective parents’ evenings
  • Save time for teachers and staff
  • Increase parental attendance and engagement
  • Monitor and improve school performance indicators such as parental engagement and help “close the gap” in attainment
  • Go paper-free, saving money and being more eco-friendly
  • Benefit from integrations with schools’ favourite EdTech products
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Just get in touch to arrange a demo or a completely free, no-obligation trial of NetMedia’s Parents’ Evening Booking System.

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Why choose us?

We’re the original and best parents’ evening booking system, loved by schools and parents across the UK.

Why choose us?

Watch a demo

Get a feel for the software by watching a quick demonstration video. See how parents and the school use us.

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What does it cost?

We quote each school individually – get in touch to see what a year’s subscription would cost for your school.

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Modules and Integrations

Event Booking

Ideal for school shows and meetings, the Event Booking module helps parents book tickets to school events just as easily as they book parents’ evening appointments.

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School Club Booking

Does your school run breakfast clubs, after school clubs or sports clubs? Take sign-ups for these, from parents, online, with our bolt-on module.

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Groupcall Messenger

If you use Groupcall Messenger, your communications to parents will be enhanced and track-able. Parents using the Xpressions app can login in one click by single sign-on.

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Process electronic payments from parents, securely, for their event, ticket, club, trip and/or any other parent bookings using our ParentPay integration.

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We have integrated with the (Scottish) Parents Portal, allowing parents to login in one click, improving convenience and saving even more time.

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Parents at schools who use Firefly’s fantastic virtual learning environment (VLE) can login in one click, through single sign-on (SSO) technology, using their Firefly account.

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Product support

Any problems? Try our guides, videos and FAQs, or email/call the support desk.

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