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Over 15 million meetings a year already feel the far-reaching benefits of our online booking system, which is integrated with your favourite EdTech products for a simpler solution.

Video Engagement

Virtual parents’ evenings come with many advantages over the traditional face to face format, and video is fast becoming the norm over physical meetings across a diverse range of settings. If you’ve found parents’ evenings to be hard work in the past, consider the perks of doing it remotely.

  • Provides a greater degree of privacy.
  • Enables the parent and teacher to raise discussion points prior to the meeting.
  • A smoother and more flexible process means appointments should not start or finish late, which can lead to rushed conversations or missed appointments. The fully automated system switches you between appointments within a preset time frame.
  • Increases parental attendance and engagement, removing barriers such as distance, transport and work commitments for more convenience.
  • Less time-wastage, allowing for more appointments to take place.
  • Less admin required to enhance school efficiency.
  • A paperless process that is environmentally friendly and reduces the carbon footprint of the school and the parents.

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Hybrid Meetings

We now offer hybrid parents’ evenings too, combining in person and virtual meetings to maximise engagement. 

One-To-One Meetings

With adaptability built-in, this is ideal for split households that may not be able to make the same appointment time. It would also suit follow-up meetings, pastoral care, SEND, Support for Learning, careers advice and the organisation of smaller scale parents’ evenings.

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Club, Event & Trip Management

Our system gives you everything you need to run a club and organise trips and events as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We’re big advocates of wraparound childcare, so if you have a breakfast club or after school club that you feel could be better managed, or you have more tasks than time, we could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Excursions can be complex and difficult to keep track of. Simplify the process with us. Or perhaps you need to get your staff geared up for the start of a new term? Bring them together using our innovative software for crystal clear communication.

  • Allow parents to book events online.
  • Make bookings for parents or students.
  • See who has booked and who hasn’t.
  • Limit attendance automatically.
  • Duplicate events quickly for faster setup of repeat events.
  • Manage cancellations easily.
  • Take payments online.

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Our centralised booking management system is here to make your life easier, so you can spend less time chasing paperwork and more time focused on teaching.

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