Find more freedom
with video parents’ evenings.

Both teachers and parents benefit from our leading service which makes life so much easier for all...

  • Evenings run exactly to schedule. No more over-running or missed appointments. A countdown timer shows teacher and parent how much time they have left before switching them automatically to their next appointment.
  • Increases parental attendance and inclusion. Removing barriers such as distance, work commitments, access to transport, etc.
  • Socially distanced meetings. Ideal during the current period.
  • Multiple parents and teachers. Simple to join video meetings from different locations using different devices.
  • No need for ‘walking time’. A gapless schedule means more appointments can be fitted into a shorter time.
  • 1-to-1 meetings. Can be set up for selected parents, as and when required – ideal for follow-up meetings, pastoral care, SEND, Support for Learning, careers, and even for teachers to organise parent meetings separate to bigger parents’ evenings.
  • Increased privacy for parents and staff. No fear of conversations being overheard as with traditional on-site evenings.
  • Huge time saving. No need for admin staff to set up all the video meetings using Zoom, Teams etc. (An average primary school has around 1,000 parent evening appointments annually. An average secondary has around 8,000! It would take around 8 hours to set up 1,000 individual video meetings without our software!)

Simple. Intuitive. Versatile.

Our centralised booking management system is here to make your life easier, so you can spend less time chasing paperwork and more time focused on teaching. All you need in one place.