About Us

NetMedia Ltd. owns and operates the Parents’ Evening Booking System. NetMedia has a 20 year history of producing high-quality online solutions for businesses of all types. We are originally a family-run business which has grown over recent years, all the while retaining its roots and with a head office still based in Inverness. We now have offices across Scotland and colleagues working around the UK.

NetMedia Ltd. has quality and ethical morals as our primary principals. We aren’t happy unless our customers are perfectly happy. We offer an extremely personal sales and support service and we work really hard.

How did NetMedia’s online parents’ evening booking all start?

In early 2008, a school approached us asking if we could make a booking system for their parents’ evenings. It became clear to us after some market research that there was an appetite for this type of product and after lots of hard work we launched the first evolution of the Parents’ Evening Booking System. At the time it was the only UK-based online booking system of its type.

After two of the UK’s largest technology companies expressed an interest in becoming partners, we were able to take the product to market and kick-start the customer base which has since organically grown into hundreds of UK-based schools, with many more spread out across the rest of the world. More recently the local-to-us Scottish market became available, and as our popularity grew so did the number of MIS databases we were able to integrate with.

Today we integrate with all of the UK’s major MIS Databases and are growing rapidly. We have well over a thousand UK-based customers and help around one million parents per year make their parents’ evening appointments. We also help schools throughout Europe, Asia, the USA and South America.

Meet the Team


Managing Director

As Managing Director, Alasdair organises strategy and long-term focus of the Parents' Evening Booking System while also managing NetMedia Ltd., our parent company.



Rob is responsible for the product and its development, managing a team of developers and testers. Rob's product expertise is second to none at the company.



Will is responsible for new business, partnerships, sales, marketing and both the demonstration and training teams.


Lead Developer

Jothsna is the most technically gifted member of the team and manages the maintenance as well as development of new functionality throughout the product.