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The Parents’ Evening Booking system is a website which helps schools run their parents’ evenings online. We help schools save money and huge amounts of staff time by allowing parents to make their own bookings. This also leads to better prepared, more effective meetings.

Parents make their own bookings online via our website, on their computer, smartphone or tablet, alleviating almost all of the time dedicated to parents’ evenings by teachers and staff at the school. Schools can of course help parents who do not have internet access, and we provide schools with all of the management and analysis tools required to run perfect parents’ evenings.

Read more about us below and learn how we will help you revolutionise the way parents’ evenings are run at your school. You’ll be part of a movement that is changing forever, not just in the UK but throughout Europe, the USA and around the world.

Talk to us today, or request a free trial for your next parents’ evening event.

Learn About The Benefits

Parents’ Evenings

Run your parents’ evenings online. Save classroom time, administration time, paper and postage with our simple solution.

Time Saving
for Teachers

Save hours of class time. Teachers control their availability and check their schedule and any parental concerns in advance.

Save Time
and Money

We help schools save time through efficiencies and money through both efficiencies and using our communication tools and paper-free methods.

Simple Setup
for Schools

Setup takes mere minutes. Connect your school’s MIS database to immediately import all the information needed to get set up.

Closing the
Gap in Attainment

We help schools achieve their Education Scotland ambitions by helping to close the gap in attainment.

Improve Parental

Parental engagement is of course key to raising achievement. We help schools trace, track, invite, encourage and communicate with all parents.

Go Paper

Over 98% of Scottish schools and the vast majority of those around the world aim to be eco-friendly. We help make parents’ evenings paper free.


Schools can run their event booking online, selling tickets, reserving places or taking registration, using our bespoke bolt-on module.

Running parents’ evening booking online

Schools set up their parents’ evenings online through our website and invite parents to make their bookings online after.

In order to set up an event, the school will import its teacher, parent and student data from the school’s MIS database. They then enter the dates and event times and create their events. Teachers can be allowed to edit their availability. Everything is set up in minutes.

Once parents have made their bookings, teachers can check their schedule and read any issues or discussion topics submitted by parents. This leads to better prepared and more effective meetings.

Finally, schools have access to live parent sign-up and attendance data as well as communication tools which allow them to contact parents and either invite them, remind them to book or remind them of their appointments.

We’re integrated with Groupcall Messenger

Groupcall Messenger is a market leader in school communication tools, providing schools with the ability to send personalised text messages (SMS), emails, automated voice calls, push messages and tweets (via Twitter) to the mobile phones and landlines of parents, staff and key contacts.

We have integrated with this fantastic product to allow our shared customers to utilise the great benefits we both provide, together. Communication from the Parents’ Evening Booking System to parents will be enhanced and track-able, parents will be familiar with the Messenger communication and schools can access us directly (by SSO) from Messenger.

If you would like to add Parents’ Evening Booking System or Messenger to your school, simply get in touch with ourselves or Groupcall and we’ll help you take this forward.

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You can have a free trial for your next event simply by asking. We also provide a free telephone demonstration (which takes about 20 minutes) to anyone who wants one. Just ask!

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We are available (for demo and free trial) in the RM Unify App Library. If your school has Unify, you’ll be able to sign up and try us out in a quick few clicks.

Glow customers in Scotland can ask RM Education or Glow for our app ’tile’ to be added to their Glow before they can begin a trial or a demo.

Unrivalled Connectivity

To make setting up parents’ evenings extremely quick and simple, we integrate with all of these major MIS databases, communication systems and app libraries, as well as many more:

Talk to us about your MIS database if you don’t see it listed above. There’s almost always a way we can work together.

The home of the

Automated Booking Wizard

This exciting new innovation we have invented for release to all customers from September 2015 allows parents to make their appointments in one click.

Parents who have multiple children or who are late to book will now find making appointments much easier. They simply choose which teachers they want to see, set their personal availability and click a button to book the most efficient route around all of their appointments. Simple but very effective!

Case Study:
Lasswade High School

Lasswade High School have been delighted with the impact the software has had and all the changes that it has brought to the process. The school’s parents talk to use about how great it is to be able to book online while school office staff have found the system much easier to use, teachers much prefer parents’ evenings this way and headmaster Alan Williamson describes in detail our software’s great impact overall at the school.

For your school’s free trial, just get in touch:

Free Trial  Testimonials

Recommended by Schools

We visited and filmed some of our customers in London to hear how the Parents’ Evening Booking System has been for them. We we heard was extremely positive for not just the schools themselves but for their parents as well. In this video, colleagues from these schools talk in detail about all of the great effects and impacts which the new online parents’ evening booking process has meant.

We listen to all that our customers have to say. This helps point our development in the right direction, but is also a constant check that we’re fulfilling their needs fully.

For a free trial, just get in touch:

Free Trial  Testimonials

Free Demo and Trial

We realise online parents’ evenings could be an alien concept to you, which is why we want you to try it out for free. Contact us for a free demo and/or trial.

Free Updates & Support

We are constantly updating the product and release new updates weekly. We only want to provide the best service, so these updates and any support is all free.

Packed Full of Functionality

We are confident ours is the most complete package available anywhere in the world. When schools bring us new ideas, we add them. Read more about our functionality.

In-Depth Tutorial Videos

Every teacher, parent and school admin page comes complete with tutorial videos. We even supply schools with ‘help videos’ for parents which can be added to a school website easily.

Compatible for All

The software has been built to the highest standards and has huge cross-browser compatibility. It has also been designed with mobile and tablet resolutions in mind.

Satisfied Customers

Since launching in 2009, hundreds of schools across the UK and more abroad have been delighted by our service. We count hundreds of thousands of parents among our happy customers too.

Watch A Demonstration

Would you like to see how it looks and works?

You can watch this eighteen-minute demonstration (or see a shorter five-minute demo here) which shows how a parent would log in, choose an evening and make their appointment. The demonstration also shows how easily this software for schools package works and how it is schools can organise what we call the Perfect Parents’ Evening.

If you would like a free demonstration for your school just get in touch:

Free Trial

Praise from our customers

Quite simply, from meeting at BETT Exhibition last year to the present day, the Parents' Evening Booking System have provided the best and most consistent customer service that I have ever experienced. I am so grateful for their support and very pleased that we are able to use their product. Not only that, but they have listened to feedback and many of the developments have all been extremely well targeted and have continued to improve what is already a great service.

Jeremy Payne, Headteacher, Sandford St Martin Primary School

An excellent service which is much appreciated by our parents and staff. We wouldn't be without it now that we know how good it is.

Doreen White, Senior Administrator, St. Bede Primary School

The Parents' Evening Booking System has been a huge help and given its price, it is wonderful value for money. I have personally recommended it to all of the schools in our region.

Jan Doling, Senior Administrator, Kingsclere Primary School

The time the Parents' Evening Booking System has saved the admin team at our school has been immense!

Katie Creedon, Business Manager, St Mary's C of E Primary School

I'll certainly be recommending you to other schools.

Charlotte Sharp, Dumpton School

We use the Parents Evening Booking System and find the system easy to use while the support they offer is also very good.

Fay Stanley, Burnham Copse Primary School

Every parent I have asked has said how brilliant it has been. It is going like clockwork

Heather Cunningham, St James Church School

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