18 Minute Demo

5 Minute Demo

Interested in how the software works?

These two videos show either an eighteen-minute or five-minute demonstration of the Parents’ Evening Booking System, covering how it works from the perspective of the parent, the school administrator and finally the school class teacher. Obviously there is more detail in the longer demo.

We should you how parents need to log in, choose the correct parents’ evening and can then make their bookings. This video shows how they can also toggle from one of their children to another and how they finish the booking process by either printing or e-mailing a confirmation of their appointments.

Administrators can upload data and then create events; they can also run reports or make bookings on behalf of parents who need help. We show these aspects in detail.

Finally you can see how a teacher would login and check their appointments.

If your school would like a personal demonstration, please go to ‘Buy or Try‘ and request one!