Why choose NetMedia’s Parents’ Evening Booking System?

We’re confident we can offer you a better system, and better service, than any of our competitors. Here’s why…

The original and best

Because we’ve been around since 2009, we’ve had plenty of time to craft and refine our Parents’ Evening Booking System. You know you’re getting a polished system, tried and tested by hundreds of schools across the UK.

Always listening, always developing

We’re constantly working with schools and parents to make our software easier to use and ensure it can do everything you need it to, simply and intuitively.

The flexibility you need

Unlike other systems, we make it easy to change your data after it’s been uploaded. For example, you might need to move a class from one teacher to another, or share classes in any way you like. The system is designed to be flexible, based on what schools really need.

Loved by parents

One of the features parents love most is the one-click booking wizard – a way to automatically create a schedule of available appointments, with no clashes, for each teacher and each child. Instead of booking a dozen individual appointments, they just click once, print their schedule, and turn up on the night.

“So much easier and quicker! Well done!”

“Excellent option offering to make appointments automatically!”

“I’ve just used the Automated Booking Wizard and it worked really well – so pleased – what an easy system to use.”

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We integrate with your database

We’re proud to work with all the UK’s most popular MIS database solutions. Here’s the full list:

  • SIMS
  • Facility
  • Progresso
  • Bromcom
  • Integris
  • iSAMS
  • ScholarPack
  • Wauton Samuel
  • WCBS Pass
  • Arbor
  • School Manager
  • Other lesser-known and bespoke databases

Is your database not on the list? We’ll see what we can do to fix that. Contact us to talk it over.

Top quality support

Using the system is a breeze – and we have plenty of ways to help if you ever need a hand. As well as manuals and instruction videos, our phone and email support desk is open Monday to Friday.

“The Parents’ Evening Booking System have provided the best and most consistent customer service that I have ever experienced.”

Headteacher, Sandford St Martin Primary School

Integrates with Groupcall

If you use Groupcall tools for better communication and secure data upload, the Parents’ Evening Booking System works with you. It integrates seamlessly with both Groupcall Messenger and Groupcall Xporter.

Find out more about our Groupcall integrations

Event and Club Booking

We don’t just help schools with their parents’ evenings. We help schools take their Event and School Club bookings online. So whether you want to take reservations or sell tickets for a Jack and the Beanstalk student performance, or want parents to be able to sign their children up to a breakfast club, football club or a paid school trip, we have the bolt-on modules that will take those free or paid bookings.

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Event Booking
School Club Booking

Money-back guarantee

We’re completely confident you’ll love the system, so we offer a full money-back guarantee. If you decide to sign up after the free trial, you still have 90 days to make sure the system meets your expectations. If you’re not satisfied, we give you your money back.