Welcome to your online training.

This guide contains all of the information you require in order to set up a video or in-person parents’ evening

Follow the steps below, watch the help videos and download the resources provided, to create a video or in-person parents’ evening.

Step One

If your school uses SEEMIS, download the either the primary or secondary version of the data extraction guide. You will need to follow this to extract the 2x “data” spreadsheets you will need to upload to Parents Booking. It is often worth undertaking the data extraction before proceeding to Step Two, because you will need your “data” spreadsheets before being able to create your parents’ evening(s).

Step Two

Watch one of the two training videos below before logging in to Parents Booking through your Groupcall Messenger account (https://m5.groupcall.com, and then click the Parents Evening tile on your Dashboard).

Full Training for New Users and Inexperienced Users:

Training for Admin Area

This video tutorial explains how a school admin uses the Parents Booking admin area to create a parents’ evening (using video call technology, or an in-person parents’ evening), including how to upload data and set up a parents’ evening, ensure the teachers/subjects are set up correctly, send out an invite, make/delete appointments, check statistics, print teacher schedules and facilitate teacher logins.

or Video Meeting Instructions for Experienced Users

How do I set up video call parents evenings?

This video tutorial details how a school admin sets up a video call parents’ evening in Parents Booking. This video tutorial skips parts of the setup process, including how to import your school’s pupil, parent and teacher data, so if you are unsure how to do this please watch the full training video instead.

Step Three

To supplement (or as an alternative to) the videos above, you can also download a PDF ‘admin area’ guide which contain step-by-step instructions:

Full Admin Area ‘Quick Start’ Guide (.PDF file)

This is best for new or inexperience customers. A PDF version of this video is available from here:

Download PDF (standard guide)
Download PDF (for Groupcall Messenger users)

or Quick Video Calls Setup Guide

This .PDF training guide quickly details how a school admin sets up a video call parents’ evening in Parents Booking, but skips almost all of the other main tasks. If you are unsure how to set up a parents’ evening, use the ‘Quick Start’ Guide to the left.

Quick Video Call Setup Guide

Step Four

Download other resources which will help invite and/or inform your parents and teachers:

Step Five

Testing with Your Teachers

It is very important that you run some internal tests of the video call technology. If you don’t, it’s perfectly possibly you will discover that the teacher cannot have video meetings on the night, possibly because they are using a computer with old/incompatible browser, or security settings that are blocking the video call technology, or any number of other unforeseen issues. Running tests will check that the school’s network and/ or teacher computers/devices will facilitate the video meeting technology, but will also provide teachers with an experience of how the video call meetings will work, in advance of ‘the big day’.