Help with Identifying Leavers

By June 7, 2020News
Identifying Leavers

Our newest software release features a great new feature: help identifying students who are now “leavers”.

Next time you run a data upload, you will be shown a notification on your Dashboard if we think that some students have left the school but are still in our database. Rather than delete the students automatically, we’ll show you a list and you can either mark the students as having left (in which case we will delete their record from our database) or you can make them as still being on the school’s student roll.

Some of the other changes we’re introducing in this month’s release (which is now ‘live’) include:

  • We will automatically disconnect students from their old teachers, but you can turn this feature off if you need
  • We have added a Firefly SSO integration for parents
  • We have changed our product’s name throughout the software to Parents Booking (read more on this change here)

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