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Import your data in one click with Groupcall Xporter

Automatically and securely transfer your school’s SIMS data to the Parents’ Evening Booking System using Groupcall Xporter.

Over 17,000 UK schools have Xporter installed and it is used by over 65 education authorities and academy groups. It is the very best way to safely and simply transfer your school’s MIS data, which is why we use it.

Installation is very quick. SIMS schools who want to use Xporter to upload their data just need their IT team to install Xporter on their SIMS server. This takes mere minutes.This service costs £60 p/a for High Schools and £30 p/a for Primary Schools (ex VAT), even if you are already paying separately for Groupcall Xporter. We will invoice you on Groupcall’s behalf as part of your subscription.

How does Xporter work?

Groupcall Xporter is a windows-based application which is installed alongside each MIS database (usually on the SIMS server), performing tasks that are easily set up by the user in a “definition file”.NetMedia’s Parents’ Evening Booking System has a specific ‘job’ which will appear in Xporter’s list of available jobs once your school installs the ‘NetMedia’ copy of Xporter. Even if your school already has Xporter installed, you need to install the ‘NetMedia’ copy over your current setup to simply add our ‘job’ (without affecting your previous setup).

Installation is very simple, taking just a matter of minutes and, once running, the system requires little intervention or support. When you want to upload your data to the Parents’ Evening Booking System, you simply need to open Xporter and run the ‘NetMedia’ job.

Upload in 1 click with Xporter!

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