Case Study: Lasswade High School

Lasswade High School were delighted with the impact the software has had and all the changes that it has brought to the process. Parents are delighted to be able to book online, school office staff have found the system much easier to use, teachers much prefer parents’ evenings this way and headmaster Alan Williamson describes in detail it’s great impact.

Case Study: Orchard House School and Barnes Primary

We visited some of our customers in London to hear how the Parents’ Evening Booking System has been for them. We we heard was extremely positive for not just the schools themselves but for their parents as well. In this video, colleagues from these schools talk in detail about all of the great effects and impacts which the new online parents’ evening booking process has meant.

Testimonial from Sandford St. Martin Primary School

Quite simply, from meeting at BETT Exhibition last year to the present day, the Parents' Evening Booking System have provided the best and most consistent customer service that I have ever experienced. I am so grateful for their support and very pleased that we are able to use their product. Not only that, but they have listened to feedback and many of the developments have all been extremely well targeted and have continued to improve what is already a great service.

Jeremy Payne, Headteacher, Sandford St Martin Primary School

Testimonial from Lasswade High School

It's been transformational.

Alan Williamson, Headmaster, Lasswade High School

Testimonial from St James Church School

Every parent I have asked has said how brilliant it has been. It is going like clockwork.

Heather Cunningham, Headteacher, St James Church School

Testimonial from St. Mary’s C of E Primary

The time the Parents' Evening Booking System has saved the admin team at our school has been immense!

Katie Creedon, Business Manager, St Mary's C of E Primary School

Testimonial from Kingdown School

I'm delighted the school has embraced technology for tasks like this.

Parent at Kingdown School

Testimonial from Kingsclere Primary School

The Parents' Evening Booking System has been a huge help and given its price, it is wonderful value for money. I have personally recommended it to all of the schools in our region.

Jan Doling, Senior Administrator, Kingsclere Primary School

Testimonial from Gordano

What a fantastic system for parents' evenings. Much better than asking my child to book my times.

Parent at Gordano School

Testimonial from Dumpton School

I'll certainly be recommending you to other schools.

Charlotte Sharp, Dumpton School

Testimonial from Bassett House School

We love being able to make our parents' evening appointments at times that suit us from the comfort of our home.

Parent at Bassett House School

Testimonial from St. Mary’s C of E Primary

Parents evenings have never been less stressful. The software was so easy to use.

Parent at St Mary's C of E Primary School

Testimonial from Fortrose Academy

We have been running online parents evenings for four years now and we think it's fabulous.

Fortrose Academy

Testimonial from St. Bede Primary School

An excellent service which is much appreciated by our parents and staff. We wouldn't be without it now that we know how good it is.

Doreen White, Senior Administrator, St. Bede Primary School

Testimonials from Wyvern Community College

The system has been a great success here at the College. Staff and parents think it is really easy to use and it has certainly transformed our parent evenings.

Paul Metcalfe, Assistant Headteacher, Wyvern College

The feedback from parents, and we have used it now for 1300+ students, has been totally favourable.

Paul Wetcalfe, Assistant Headteacher, Wyvern College

Your company support has been first class, assisting us as we bent the system to accommodate bookings for our Easter revision camp, involving nine events running simultaneously.

Paul Wetcalfe, Assistant Headteacher, Wyvern College

Testimonial from Chesham Grammar School

The reports have been a God-send. This is a fantastic system.

Rachel Baillie, Chesham Grammar School

Testimonial from Rosebery School

The personal service we've received has been second to none. We're delighted!

Caroline De Maria, Administrator, Rosebery School

Testimonial from Penair School

I’d just like to say how massively impressed we have been with the booking system.

Rob Sharpe, Penair School

Testimonial from Victoria College, Jersey

This tool [being able to chase parents who have not booked yet, individually or in bulk, with a personalised message] is excellent and will save us a lot of time.

Liz Smith, Victoria College, Jersey