Simple Setup for Schools

Not only do we offer an unrivalled service and quality of product, but the Parents’ Evening Booking System boasts the greatest connectivity of any software of its like anywhere in the UK.

Setting up an event is extremely simple, and has two parts. The school needs to import its MIS database (parents, teachers, students and classes) into the system, which is explained below but generally done in one click, so as to provide our system with the freshest data set possible for the event. Then the school admin simply creates an event by popping in the correct dates, times and choosing from any custom settings or rules they might want for bookings. That’s it.

95% of schools in the UK can instantly (at the click of a button) upload their school data directly from their school’s MIS database to the Parents’ Evening Booking System. That means, unlike other software for schools, administrators do not need to spend time exporting spreadsheet reports and uploading these.

We currently offer a 1-click upload integration tool to schools who use SIMS, Progresso, Facility (CMIS), RM Integris G2, Bromcom, Powerschool or iSAMS, meaning they can upload their data instantly and automatically. Of course we still provide a mechanism for other MIS databases (such as and ScholarPack, WCBS Pass and Wauton Samuel) to upload their data, and this is done using a Report Generator which we provide, or built into your MIS database.

If you’re looking for a solution that has a Simple Setup, look no further than the Parents’ Evening Booking System. Ask us for a free demo today.