Earn money by recommending other schools to us

We believe the best reference possible is from you, our customers. There is no marketing tool available anywhere like the power of word of mouth. This is particularly true with software like ours which is generally a new idea to schools. We hope that after receiving a great service from us, you will feel comfortable recommending the Parents’ Evening Booking System to schools you know, or those in your local area. Schools who purchase after being recommended save you money!

We reward your recommendations

Every school which you recommend and who buy saves your school £50 off your next subscription. It’s that simple. We already have several schools who get the software completely free on the basis of all their recommendations, for example.

In 2013, our customer’s schools saved £3,000 using our referral scheme – it really does work.

The best way to refer a school is to send them to our website and ask them to enquire, but you can also give out our contact details or e-mail us with a contact at their school. We also have a form to on this page which you can use to send us information on who you have recommended us to. We can follow up your recommendation in a few weeks with a sales presentation if you like.

We can supply sales presentations or information which you can use to distribute in any way you like. You can even speak to us about sending out a letter to schools in your local area using a letter we have pre-written for you.

Sales Seminar

We can also offer schools a year’s free subscription if they will help us host a presentation night at their school. We look for venues where we can invite local school head teachers or decision makers and present the software to them as a group in 30mins or so. If your school is interested in being a host, simply contact us.

Tell us who you recommend

Complete the form below to send information to us on who you are recommending. We can follow up with these schools in a few weeks if they have yet to enquire and if they later buy the software, we will still give you your referral discount.

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