We’re integrated with Groupcall Messenger

We are proud to work with Groupcall in providing a seamless integration between our Parents’ Evening Booking System and their Groupcall Messenger.

Groupcall Messenger is a market leader in school communication tools. Messenger gives schools the ability to send personalised text messages (SMS), emails, automated voice calls, push messages and tweets (via Twitter) to the mobile phones and landlines of parents, staff and key contacts. It allows recipients of messages to respond to the school and provides a full audit trail of all communications.

Part of Messenger’s functionality is a Dashboard where other carefully-selected partner apps, such as ourselves, are available as a ’tile’. Customers of Messenger who would like to use us as well can then single sign-on (SSO) into our product.

What are the benefits?

In addition to being able to SSO into our product from Messenger, and having access to both of our applications in one place, this integration will help with the communication stream between the school and parents and adds value and cross-over functionality to both products.

Your school will now be able to utilise Messenger’s communication tools, when required, in association with the Parents’ Evening Booking System. For example, parents’ confirmation e-mails with appointment times, reminder e-mails about forthcoming events and event notification e-mails will all be sent through Messenger. Messeges are also published to Groupcall Xpressions, for parents to see at any time. These e-mails will be familiar to parents and are track-able by the school.

I have Messenger and I want to add the Parents’ Evening Booking System

Brilliant. We look forward to working with you.

If you are a Messenger customer and would like to begin using us, ask us or Groupcall to add the ’tile’ to your Dashboard and take you through a demonstration. We’ll provide all the help and information you need, step by step.

I have Parents’ Evening Booking System and I want to add Messenger

You’ll really benefit from the many ways in which our two products work together. Either contact Groupcall directly, or ask us to introduce you to Groupcall. We’ll be delighted to help you get the ball rolling.

I have both the Parents’ Evening Booking System and Messenger already

If you’re already a customer of ours and want to be able to SSO into us from Messenger, taking advantage of all the ways in which linking our products will help your school, simply ask us or Groupcall to help you tether your Parents’ Evening Booking System and Messenger products.

Would you like more information on our partnership?

If you would like any further information, do not hesitate to get in touch.