What is the Parents’ Evening Booking System?

Once you think about it, it’s obvious that schools should be saving money, admin, teacher and and classroom time by¬†having their parents log onto a website and make their appointments online, at times that suit them.

When schools realise that they can pass the power of booking appointments directly to parents; free up classroom time; save huge amounts of administration time; save huge amounts of money, let parents submit their issues/concerns in advance; give teachers the power to manage their schedule and have the school run insightful reports, their management teams are usually blown away.

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Download our very pretty PDF presentation to learn more: Download Presentation

Quick 5 Minute Demo

Watch a quick five minute demonstration of the Parents’ Evening Booking System and learn how the software works from the perspective of the parent, the school administrator and the teacher.

If you would like to watch a more in-depth demo, we have an eighteen-minute demonstration available here.