We charge schools a license fee for a year’s subscription. This subscription is charged from the day you agree to signup and not from when you take a free trial or began your demo.

A year’s subscription gives you complete access to the software and includes the following as a minimum:

  • Hosting
  • Setup
  • Unlimited use for as many parents’ evenings as you want
  • Our very personal support (online support desk / e-mail / telephone hotline)
  • Video tutorials, help files and instructions
  • Integration with your MIS database supplier
  • Help setting up your parents’ evenings
  • All resources necessary for parents, staff and school administrators

N.B. The cost of our Event Booking bolt-on is additional, for those who want it.

We do not publish our prices online

We want to make sure our prices are as fair and competitive as possible which is why we like to quote each school individually.

By quoting your school individually, customers can be guaranteed that all circumstances, from school population size to your location and MIS database type (all of which are determining factors in the cost make-up) are taken into account. We are able to offer different services to different regions so we tailor our quotes.

We want you to have the best price possible

We will be delighted to give you a quick and free quotation if you get in contact.

Please complete the form on our ‘Buy or Try’ page to be sent a full presentation and to request a quotation.

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