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The Parents’ Evening Booking System makes the lives of parents that little bit easier and better, one parents’ evening at a time.

By passing the appointment-making power to parents, children are no longer responsible for scheduling the night. Parents can pick times that suit them, order them how they would like and can even give teachers a ‘heads up’ on any issues in advance by including a comment when making their booking.

To make the lives of parents’ even easier, since last 2015 we have offered a Booking Wizard which allows parents to make all of the bookings for all their children’s teachers in one click.

Parents really appreciate that they can make the parents’ evening fit around their busy lives and being able to pick times that suit them. This way Mum and Dad can still live their lives and attend at the most appropriate time, or organise a babysitter, or make sure dinner is ready.

Because we’re a website that has been specifically designed to work on mobile and tablet devices, parents have huge flexibility in their access to the booking system. Appointments can be made from a parent’s desk at work, or even during their commute. All that’s required in an internet connection or mobile data. Parents who don’t have access to internet or mobile data can still have their appointments made by the school.

The fact that parents’ make their own appointments means they take ownership over their attendance. This may seem trivial but has a greater impact than you might realise. Parents’ schedules are better organised, allow them to stick to their schedules more easily, meaning events run more smoothly on the night.

Parents are one of the main driving forces behind the software’s success. We have listened to how parents want to make their bookings and the layout could not be simpler for them. A simple, intuitive design means parents can make all their bookings flexibly and in minutes.