Run your school’s parents’ evenings online.

Hundreds of schools around the UK are hosting Perfect Parents’ Evenings using the Parents’ Evening Booking System.

We are the UK’s original online parents’ evening booking system, our customers write rave reviews about us, we pride ourselves on our personal service and we exist to help organise your parents’ evenings online.

How does it work?

Parents visit our website and select their own appointment times. Picking times that suit yourself is obviously very appealing. Parents can also let teachers know of any issues or discussion topics for their meeting ahead of time.

Teachers then check their appointments schedule in advance and prepare for their events. Because classroom time is unaffected, our system allows teachers to concentrate on their other tasks.

Schools use us because we help them save admin time, classroom time, curriculum time, teacher time, money and the events which are run are more effective, better organised, run more smoothly on the night and we provide schools with statistics and reports they simply couldn’t have with paper-based methods.

School admins set up parents’ evenings in mere minutes, meaning they and other staff can concentrate on their other work.

Tell me more about Perfect Parents’ Evenings

We aim at all times to provide schools with a platform which helps them create the Perfect Parents’ Evening. The Perfect Parents’ Evening advertising campaign kicked off in December 2012 when we filmed our first advert. Jason Auld, a friend of the software, and an actor who is best known for being a part of the Voodoo Unicycle group, helped us film our advert with production company Beard Askew.

Perfect Parents’ Evenings advertising campaign

Schools, both current customers and those who have tried our software, are the best barometer of how good our service is. We listen to all points of view and we spend our days adding new functionality and polishing other bits of the Parents’ Evening Booking System so that it is the best it can possibly be.

Schools tell us that the Parents’ Evening Booking System saves them hours. Parents tell us in their thousands that making bookings with us is significantly better than any of the traditional methods. Teachers tell us that they can’t imagine having to go back to the old parents’ evening systems. We know that what we offer is changing the way schools run one of the most important parts of its business, and we’re very proud of that.

We call this campaign ‘Perfect Parents’ Evening’ because that is not just the aim for all of our schools, it is the challenge we have set ourselves. We hope that you will soon be another of the schools experiencing this level of service and determination.If you would like to see star Unicycle rider Jason Auld taking up the role of a teacher in our ‘Perfect Parents’ Evening’ advert, you can watch it to your right now! Just remember to turn your speakers to a suitable office level!