We receive hundreds of parent praise comments weekly, directly from customers themselves. Generally speaking, parents wax lyrical about how great an experience they’ve had, how easy booking this way is and how much better organised parents’ evenings are.

Here are a selection of recent comments, submitted by real parents (and without any formatting from us):

Parent’s Name / DateComments
Feedback on 11:49:09 13/04/2016 From Dr ArunGOOD WAY OF BOOKING!!!
Feedback on 11:15:25 13/04/2016 From Mrs Julie NorfieldThis system for booking was great, so easy
Feedback on 05:19:11 12/04/2016 From Mrs Angela PartridgeExcellent option offering to make appointments automatically!!
Feedback on 10:19:45 11/04/2016 From Miss Donna SimsBrilliant new way of booking appointments … so much easier and quicker! Well done!
Feedback on 07:17:49 11/04/2016 From Mr Darren Haywardexcellent system…..well done!
Feedback on 01:41:31 08/04/2016 From Mrs Tina PapworthReally like this booking system 🙂
Feedback on 12:22:14 07/04/2016 From Mrs Lisa SimonsGreat booking system, thanks
Feedback on 10:37:24 07/04/2016 From Mrs Susan Storervery good, easy booking system
Feedback on 08:24:50 07/04/2016 From Mr Izhar Cohenthis system is wonderful. Thanks!
Feedback on 03:45:25 06/04/2016 From Mrs Victoria CoombesSuper easy system!
Feedback on 09:16:45 06/04/2016 From Ms Elizabeth BannerBrilliant booking system, much easier to use.
Feedback on 08:37:06 06/04/2016 From Mrs Clare MuldoonBrilliant system…….
Feedback on 02:05:09 05/04/2016 From Miss Kerry GeldartThis system is excellent.
Feedback on 09:29:43 04/04/2016 From Ms Theresa LeeTHAT WAS EASY, WELL DONE
Feedback on 09:16:36 04/04/2016 From Mrs Asha RanaVery quick, easy and simple- great system
Feedback on 07:19:55 04/04/2016 From Mrs Rebecca Whiteheadgreat system last year, even better this year with the bookings made for us. thank you for keeping this easy!
Feedback on 06:31:13 04/04/2016 From Miss Tricia MorrisonExcellent system, incredibly easy and straightforward to use, well done, a great improvement!!
Feedback on 06:15:16 04/04/2016 From Mrs Michelle KrauthI think that your automated booking is so easy and so much less hassle. Makes progress evening bookings less stressful.
Feedback on 02:41:57 03/04/2016 From Mrs Rachel HefferAn excellent on line booking system. Thank you.
Feedback on 10:27:46 01/04/2016 From Mrs Michelle FranklinI was slightly dreading using the online booking system for Parent’s Evening (first time user), however I’ve just used the Automated Booking Wizard and it worked really well - so pleased - what an easy system to use. Thanks.
Feedback on 07:55:13 25/03/2016 From Mrs Jody PoveyVery easy to use, able to chose a time that suits. Email confirming appointment is useful.
Feedback on 09:23:05 25/03/2016 From Miss Sonia BullBrilliant system. Much easier
Feedback on 06:39:01 25/03/2016 From Mrs Nyemachi Akintude AtandaGreat booking system. Very direct. Able to complete my booking in less than 10 minutes (from logging on to choosing teachers to see and confirmation) using the automated system.
Feedback on 11:45:42 24/03/2016 From Miss Sherie LoveringWow glad I found this easier option….
Feedback on 06:07:44 24/03/2016 From Ms Alka PatelGreat system. Made booking really easy.
Feedback on 09:32:32 23/03/2016 From Mrs Saima GiganiVery good service and quick response
Feedback on 09:11:44 23/03/2016 From Miss Joanna HarveyAutomated system is excellent!
Feedback on 11:27:46 22/03/2016 From Mrs Donna HodgsonGreat system for booking appointments. Thank you.
Feedback on 07:17:01 21/03/2016 From Mrs Sarah JonesGreat booking system, quick & easy to use.
Feedback on 07:17:54 21/03/2016 From Mrs Victoria BrownThat online booking system is really good. Thank you for putting it in place