The benefits of Online Parents’ Evenings in bullet-points:

  • We help increase parental engagement, by providing an innovative and technology-driven solution, encouraging sign-up from parents who traditionally wouldn’t have booked, helping make the process much better for everyone involved
  • Parents pick times that suit them from a very simple yet intuitive layout
  • As a result, appointment schedules are more structured meaning events run more smoothly on the night
  • Parents can notify of any issues or concerns in advance. This means teachers are better prepared for forthcoming meetings and leads to even better informed meetings
  • Hours of classroom/curriculum time saved
  • Teacher can check their appointment schedule online any time
  • Teacher can change their availability at the click of a button
  • Electronic storage means appointment cards are no longer lost & can be printed or e-mailed or re-sent to a parent any time
  • Event reporting and statistics can be run (‘who has not booked yet’ and post-event ‘attendance’), with follow-up tools available to helps schools contact parents who haven’t booked, or send personalised reminders to those who have
  • Video tutorials and help files throughout the system offer instant support
  • Schools connect their pupil database to import all necessary data
  • All SIMS, Facility/CMIS, Progresso, RM Integris G2, Bromcom, iSAMS and Powerschool database users can import their school data with just 1 click for fast setup of events
  • Other databases such as SEEMiS, WCBS Pass, ScholarPack and Wauton Samuel can also use the software but are required to upload a spreadsheet of their data using a ‘report generator’
  • System recognises families & children, even those with different surnames, so that parents can make appointments for all their children at once
  • School map (including room details) is shown on the system and sent to parent via email so that parents can find teachers on the night
  • We help schools go paper free for their parents’ evenings
  • Schools save huge amounts of time and money when it comes to communication. No more paper, printing, envelopes or stamps are required.
  • Schools can also run non-parents’ evening events online with us

Tell me about Online Parents’ Evenings.

Although not a brand new idea, many schools are unaware that online parents’ evening booking exists. Desktop parents’ evening booking systems which help schools schedule their appointments have been around for some time but when we tell schools that they can pass the power of booking appointments directly to parents; free up classroom time; save huge amounts of administration time; let parents submit issues in advance; give teachers the power to manage their schedule and have the school run insightful reports, schools are usually blown away.

Why book online?

Parents’ evenings are a tricky time for schools and administrators, as we are sure you know. But it makes sense that the booking of parents’ evenings becomes another simple-to-do online task because parents traditionally had their appointments made by their children. With the best will in the world, pupils will not know which order to try and schedule the appointments and they can’t be expected to pick times that suit their parents best. Allowing parents to pick times and an order that suit them, as well as offering the ability for parents to tell teachers about any issues in advance leads to a much more fluid and organised process for all.

As you can expect from any online software, the Parents’ Evening Booking System has been built to save time. Administrators simply import all of their school’s database information into the software and create parents’ evenings using our helpful wizard. At all times staff have access to video tutorials, help files and their account manager. Put simply, setting up a school’s parents’ evening takes minutes. Once set up, parents are notified. Parents log into the software, make their bookings and turn up on the night. Teachers can check their appointments any time by logging into their admin area. Because teachers are notified of any parental concerns or issues in advance, parents’ evenings are not only very easy to organise but better informed meetings.

How does it work?

If you would like further information on the specifics of how the Parents’ Evening Booking System works, we will tell you lots more here.

How much does it cost?

The Parents’ Evening Booking System is the charged on the basis of a licence fee which provides a year’s unlimited usage.

The cost is determined by the size of your school but we do not publish our pricing structure online. For a no-obligation free quotation, please complete the free demonstration enquiry form and we will come back to you with full details.

How many customers do we have?

Currently the Parents’ Evening Booking System is being used by many hundreds of schools in the United Kingdom, with another 30+ around the world, mostly British curriculum ‘International Schools’ also using the product.

These schools use a variety of databases and of course some of these schools are nursery, primary, junior, senior and high schools. We also have academies, private schools and international schools. The software is written to cater for all.

Does it work on smartphones and tablets?

Absolutely. The latest design for our software was released in October 2014 and it was designed with smartphones and tablets in mind. It has been developed with ‘Responsive Resolution’ in mind, which is techno-speak for a website which shirks down and lays itself out differently depending on  whether you’re looking at it on a mobile, tablet or laptop/pc. This makes it accessible for all. We also test the software extensively on these platforms before releasing all updates. Currently around 32% of all parents use our software on their phone, so we know how important this is to your school.

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