What is the Parents’ Evening Booking System?

The Parents’ Evening Booking System is market-leading school administration software which is sold throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America.

Beyond the fact that the Parents’ Evening Booking System is an extremely cost-effective solution which makes parents’ evenings much simpler, the software also has several fundamental benefits at its core. This web-based software is an efficient school booking system so that parents as well as teachers can take advantages of the experience it provides. It can also act as a school room booking system for parents’ evenings helping to make administration that much more straightforward.

You can read more on all of the benefits here.

The Basics

  • There are three different user types available: School Admin and Staff accounts use a school login area, while parents log into a website specific to the school
  • Schools create parents’ evenings in minutes
  • Parents simply log into a website to make their bookings and print out or e-mail a confirmation. This takes mere minutes
  • Parents have the option of our new Automated Booking Wizard as well as the traditional ‘booking table’ to make their bookings. The Wizard will help parents book appointments in one click
  • Data needs to be uploaded from a school’s MIS database for the parents’ evenings to be created quickly and simply. Data is uploaded securely and double-encrypted, in accordance with our Data Protection policies. All data can be deleted by the school any time at the click of a button
  • Schools send out a letter (a template of which is provided by us) which tells parents how to login and make bookings. Schools will also sometimes add our help videos to their school website, sending parents there first, then on to our software to login
  • Help files and video tutorials are provided on every page, for use by parents, teachers and admins

Trouble-Free Data Integration

  • So that event setup is quick, simple and accurate, we integrate with all of the UK’s major MIS databases. We extract only the correct pupil, parent, tecaher and class data, so that events can be setup in minutes
  • Data can be uploaded to the software in one click using Groupcall Xporter for SIMS schools or using ‘web services’ for Facility/CMIS, Progresso, RM Integris G2, Bromcom, iSAMS and Powerschool. Other databases such as WCBS Pass, ScholarPack, Wauton Samuel and SEEMiS can export data in such a way that it can be uploaded as a spreadsheet
  • Parent, teacher and student records can be easily updated, added or deleted as and when required
  • Teacher records can be amended and the students connected to teachers can easily be managed and changed as required
  • Split classes can be added to a second or third teacher very easily (in one click in fact) using our ‘Class Code’ or ‘Subject Code’ filter
  • Co-Teacher classes can be set up
  • Departments can be quickly renamed and re-ordered for the purposes of being displayed to parents
  • Schools can use register classes, tutor groups, vertical classes, house groups or year groups to set up their events and/or edit their event/class data
  • Parents logging into the website can update their details, their child’s details, their telephone number and email address. Any changes made can also be e-mailed to the school so that the admin team can use this to update their MIS database as appropriate

Easy for School Admins

  • Set up events in minutes. Simple upload school data from the MIS database and then pop in the relevant dates and times, choosing to set any booking rules as you please
  • Save hours of time by simply creating events and sending the information to your parents. Then sit back and watch the events fill themselves
  • Our ‘Dashboard’ allows school admins to take a short tour of the system at any time
  • School Admin and Staff users are able to manage or make bookings for any of the events at any time
  • Use the settings areas to make changes to the software, the events you create, to the language, text, pictures or any of of many areas
  • If the Admin or Staff have to cancel a booking, a reason can be entered so that parents can be notified via their email address. E.g. If a teacher is off ill or cannot attend the evening you can choose to send all of the parents with a booking a note explaining their appointment is cancelled
  • Reporting tools allow the admin to see who and has not booked/attended
  • Communication tools will allow the admin to pro-actively follow-up any parents who have yet to book, or send reminders to those who have

Do you want to know more?

  • Your school’s logo will appear on all pages and a map of the rooms/layout can be uploaded to also appear on the print-out/e-mail confirmation
  • The system will not allow double bookings to be made
  • A school-specific ‘announcement’ message can be shown to parents when they arrive at the public login page
  • A list of the forthcoming evenings can also be displayed to parents on the public login page
  • A specific message can be added to the confirmation print-out/e-mail, for each event. This allows schools to tell parents on the confirmation page to park in a certain car park or enter the school via a certain door, for example
  • The Date format used can be altered to fit different cultures or styles
  • The software has a Translation system which allows any other language to be created and only requires a translator to translate the required text. We have several popular languages built-in already
  • A setting which can be turned ‘on’ will send a backup of all the current bookings to the school admin team 3 times a day, should you wish it
  • The school admin can use their settings area to change or re-phrase the text on the parents’ website. This helps if your school wants to change ‘Register Class’ to ‘Tutor Group’ or ‘Parents’ Evening’ to ‘Consultation Meeting’, for example
  • The school admin can also set which fields the system asks the parent to verify before they are able to log into the system
  • Help files specific for each page in the system can be found on every page, while video tutorials can be viewed to gain more information about the system. These are also updated frequently using Google Drive and Vimeo

Personalised Parents’ Evenings

  • Parents’ evening events can have as many dates as required assigned to them
  • Schools can create as many events as required, at any time
  • Parents’ evenings can be customised extensively, for example you can make a decision over whether to allow parents to make consecutive bookings (or enforce a gap between appointments)
  • Events are set up with a ‘Bookings Open to Parents From’ date/time and a ‘Booking Deadline’ date/time so that parents cannot book until a certain time and need to have booked before a deadline. This helps the schools manage the events and distribute the teacher’s schedules in plenty of time
  • Individual teachers can be set to have a different length of appointments from the default. I.e. a teacher can have 5min appointments while all of his/her colleagues have 10min appointments
  • Comfort breaks can be given to all the teachers in an evening very simply
  • Teachers that teach more than one subject can have their bookings managed across all of their subjects and the system has an option to allow this feature or not
  • The events a school create can prevent a parent making more than a maximum number of bookings which is set in the settings area. This will work based on the parent or based on the number of children that the parent has, depending on how the school chooses to set this up. I.e. a parent may only make 5 bookings across all their children
  • Parents’ evenings can be customised extensively, for example you can make a decision over whether to allow parents to make consecutive bookings (or enforce a gap between appointments)

Functionality for Teachers

  • Appointment comments can be entered by parents, staff and/or the admin when bookings are made.  These are shown on the Teachers’ Appointment sheet. Comments from parents can also be disabled on the Preferences page if schools do not want to allow these. Comments and discussion topics lead to better-prepared and more effective meetings as staff know what to expect in advance, instead of being asked an unexpected question on the night
  • Teachers can check and print off their schedules only at any time
  • Teachers can use their schedule to save private notes about their appointments and to take an attendance
  • Teachers can check any issues or comments submitted by parents in advance
  • Teachers can see the contact information for the parents’ who have booked with them
  • Teachers can block out specific times to create their own breaks, or use the ‘Extended’ function to start and/or end their day at an earlier or later time. These are controlled by an Admin who may or may not choose to give teachers these privileges
  • School colleagues can now send a message to parent, to be seen before parents make their bookings. This can be used to indicate that a certain teacher should be considered a priority booking, for example
  • School staff can be limited to a read only access so they can see their bookings but not be able to make or cancel bookings

Technical Specs

  • The system has a modern user interface which will work on any internet device, including tablets and smartphones. We have built the software with ‘responsive resolution’ to allow for this
  • The system was developed using the latest technologies available and tested using as many browsers as possible

Event Booking

  • Schools can add our Event Booking bolt-on to their account (or use as a stand-alone application)
  • Event Booking allows schools to set up events online which parents can make bookings for. Event types might include: Concert/performance/nativity/other event ticket booking, registration for an event, booking places for an event/trip, booking seats, etc.
  • Schools can make bookings for parents who need help
  • Schools can see who has and has not booked
  • Parents can make their bookings online and print or e-mail their tickets