How do I create breaks for teachers?

1. Go to ‘Reports’ tab
2. Choose the correct term
3. Select the parents’ evening
4. Click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the following page to run the ‘List of Teachers and Appointments’
5. Now select the teacher that you want to make a break for
6. Scroll down to find the correct date, then look for the grey line above the schedule which details ‘Block out times between..’.
7. Select the start time and end time of your break and press ‘Submit’
8. Your break will be applied, illustrated with pink lines to show the time is unavailable
9. Repeat for any more breaks you wish to apply.

Do you have a manual for the Administration area?

Certainly. You can download our administration manual from here (you may want to right-click and choose ‘Save target as..’ to save to your computer).



Do you have a manual for our school's staff/teachers?

Absolutely. You can download our How To guide for Staff/Teachers from here.



Do you have a template letter we can edit and send to teachers?

We’ve been sent lots of examples of excellent template letters which our schools have created, Our current favourite is this one, written by Crown Wood Primary. They’re happy for other schools to download, edit and re-use it.



Can I change the wording on the parents' booking pages?

You sure can! Follow these steps:
1. Login as ‘admin’ at
2. Go to the ‘Set Up School’ tab
3. At the bottom of this page click on the right-hand orange button labelled ‘Preferences’
4. At the bottom of the next page are options for which pages you can edit. Simply choose the most relevant
5. Use the text fields to edit the wording and when you’re finished, ‘Save’. This will apply the changes immediately.

How do I add a parent/child to the software?

Just follow these steps:
1. Login as ‘admin’ at
2. Go to the ‘Parents’ tab
3. Let’s first search to make the the parent isn’t already added. Type in their surname and search. If no parent appears, move to Step 3. If there is a parent present, click on the pencil icon to edit the parent and move to Step 6
4. If the parent needs created, click on the blue ‘Add a new Parent’ button.
5. Complete all of the parental fields. If you don’t know the contact number of e-mail address, just enter ‘N/a’ for these so that the fields have some sort of information in them
6. Next, add the child by pressing the ‘Add a new child’ button. You must fill in all four fields. Try to make sure the Register Class is in the same format as the classes imported into the software. If unsure, you can always ‘Edit’ a teacher on the Teachers tab and press ‘Add a new child’ to see the list of classes uploaded. Your new student’s date of birth must be in the format DD/mm/YYYY. Once completed, press ‘Save’ to add the child and/or parent.
7. You will now need to add your student(s) to their teachers in order that the parent sees teachers when they login. If you want this student to appear in a previously created parents’ evening you will also need to add them to the parents’ evening now.
8. For information on either of the two tasks in point 7, scroll down for the suitable FAQ.

How do I add a student to a teacher?

Just follow these steps:
1. Login as ‘admin’ at
2. Go to the ‘Teachers’ tab
3. Search for the teacher you want to add a student to and click the pencil icon to edit the teacher
4. Click on the ‘Add a new child’ button
5. Select the correct class at the top, then search for the student. Click on them to highlight them in a blue colour. You can do this for multiple students in this class if you like
6. Use the ‘Add a child’ button to add the student. You can also use ‘Add Class’ to add the whole class to this teacher.
7. Once added there’s no need to save, the page will refresh and the student will be added.

How do I add a pupil to a parents' evening

Just follow these steps:
1. Login as ‘admin’ at
2. Go to the ‘Evenings’ tab
3. Click on the correct term, then when looking at the parents’ evening, click the middle icon which is ‘Students in Evening’. This page will allow you to add students by Register Class or, further down the page there’s a blue ‘Add a new child’ button. Using either, add the student(s) to the evening. The counter above the table of student will go up indicating that these students have been added.

How do I add a teacher to a parents' evening

Just follow these steps:
1. Login as ‘admin’ at
2. Go to the ‘Evenings’ tab
3. Click on the correct term, then when looking at the parents’ evening, click the icon on the right which is ‘Teachers in Evening’. This page will show you all of the teachers currently in the evening. To add a teacher to this evening, press the ‘Update’ button and the list of teachers will refresh. Once refreshed, any teachers who teach students connected to this evening will be added.
4. If the teacher that you want to add has not appeared, go to ‘Teachers’ tab and edit the teacher. You must then add the pupils who this teacher teaches, with particular focus on the pupils in the parents’ evening you want to add the teacher to. Now repeat the ‘Update’ process back in the evening. The teacher will appear.

Why are all the school's teachers showing when I login as a parent?

You have forgotten to log out of the Admin area! Just log back in to the admin area at and then click ‘Log Out’ – the red button in the top right corner. Now when you login as a parent you will only see the teachers that the parent should see.

How do I make my data/CSV spreadsheet's 'Register Classes' year specific quickly?

What we would do to make your Register Classes year specific, is below. In this example, we’re taking a spreadsheet that has Vertical Yeargroups and making them specific to a ‘Year 7’:

Open your Year 7 spreadsheet when it’s exported. Here is how to alter all of the Reg Classes to put a ‘7’ in front of them. You can do this manually by ‘Filtering’ the column and one by one showing each class, changing the top one and copying over the rest, but here’s a less labour intensive:

  • Create a new column to the left of your Reg Class and another to the right of it.
  • In the new left column (new Column D), enter ‘7’ in cell D2 (without the ”)(you may need to format the cell to ‘General’ or ‘Number’ to stop it showing as a date format) and copy all the way down to the bottom of the workbook. Don’t worry about this 7 being next to blank cells in Column E – we’ll sort this later.
  • In the right column (new Column F), enter the code =CONCATENATE(D2,E2).
  • Copy the formula down to the bottom of the page. This will bind the data from Column D and E together. This is still just a formula though, not values yet – we need to turn this into a value for it to work properly.
  • Now add/create another new column (Column G).
  • Highlight the whole of Column F (from F2 to the bottom of your workbook) and ‘Copy’.
  • In Column G, place your cursor in G2 and right click – now highlight your cursor on ‘Paste Special’ to see all of its options.. click on ‘Paste Values’ which is the left hand option, 3 down. This will paste the values, not the formula in this column, which is what we want.
  • Delete columns D, E and F so that your spreadsheet is back to the right format. Also, make sure that you have the word ‘Reg’ in cell D1 as the title of your new Reg Class column.
  • Now all you need to do is remove the values from the cells that aren’t meant to have a ‘Reg Class’ in them. This is easy…
  • Go to column C, highlight the column and then find ‘Filter’. Filter the column so as to show only the (Blanks).
  • When the blanks are highlighted, you can delete everything from columns A to N without doing any damage to the spreadsheet. So highlight the whole area and delete ALL data in column D especially, removing the 7s that we don’t need or want. If you leave these in, you’ll get lots of errors.
  • Now you’re done. 7 has been added to every Reg Class.