Event Booking Bolt-On

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We are excited to announce that schools may now add our Event Booking bolt-on to their account. Indeed, schools who would like to use us purely for event booking can sign up for just this tool. The most-requested new functionality from customers for the past year has been an Event Booking capability. Although not part of our core functionality, we’ve built this so that customers can be supported in more of their objectives.

Schools who want to run event booking online can now do this by having us turn on this bolt-on for them. Schools can take registration for events, sign-up for trips and sell tickets for shows/performances/concerns. Parents simple need to log in, just like they would for parents’ evening, and make their bookings. Parents can then print or e-mail their confirmation. As you would expect, the school can make bookings and see who has and has not booked.

Learn More and/or Request Bolt-On

December 2016 Software Update

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Customers have recently received an e-mail which details the latest changes we’ve made to the Parents’ Evening Booking System. Amongst the many changes are the following exciting developments:

We have been canvassing customers on the features they want to see most. If you have any strong opinions, let us know!

November 2015 Software Update

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This bulletin has been sent out to all of our customers already, but for those of you who have missed this information, or for interested

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parties, these are some of the changes we’ve made to the Parents’ Evening Booking System over the last week or two. Improvements:

  • We have improved the parent’s login page by allowing for spaces in the viagra pills for sale data. This may seem trivial but we want login to be as simple as possible for parents and often they will type spaces where they shouldn’t, or spaces will exist

    in the school data where it shouldn’t, so this helps with those issues.

  • We have also added dropdown boxes (instead of a text field) for the Child’s Date of Birth on the parent login page. Again, canada pharmacy online this should help parents who have struggled to input their child’s DOB and is something a number of schools have been asking for.
  • The ‘Message from School’ will pop-up automatically and show up again to the parents when the message is updated canada drug pharmacy by the Admin. This message is
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    set in the ‘Set Up School’ tab in the admin area.

  • We have added a nice ‘Sort’ option to the columns of data in the Reports and ‘Print Offs’. This will let schools sort the data in different ways before they print. A ‘Print’ button now also appears to the top of the page (as well as at the bottom).
  • We have added checkboxes to the Edit Teacher page. This has been needed for some time and will allow admins to remove multiple students from a class easily. Before you had to remove students individually.
  • We have added an option to hide the new Automated Booking cialis coupon System on the Preferences page of the ‘Set Up School’ tab. Some schools had indicated they didn’t want parents to have this option so you can now remove the link and parents won’t be able to use it.
  • This is a simple one that you

    probably won’t notice but we have added the name of the parent’s child to the e-mail that is dispatched to the school when a parent canada pharmacy tetracycline updates their contact info. You will only see this e-mail if you activate it in the ‘Set Up School’ tab’s ‘Preferences’ page.

  • We have improved the text size of the parents’ printouts. We are currently working on improving the Staff printouts as well
  • We have improved the Groupcall Xporter data upload method. The ‘Class Code’ viagra pills for sale filter now appears when you edit a teacher and go to the ‘Add Child’ (and also the ‘Booking’) pop up boxes. This will help make the swapping of classes much easier for the Groupcall Xporter users. If you upload data in one click and need to move a class from one teacher to another this will just take a few clicks as you can select a ‘Class Code’ easily. Also a new token is available to collect All Teachers or just the Main Teachers, please see the upload instructions help file on the Upload Data page to get details on this new token.
  • We have integrated with RM’s Unify App Library and have started working with Unify schools.
  • We have made a few simple but handy adjustments to improve our integration with SEEMiS and sent the latest SEEMiS Instructions to all SEEMiS Schools. These instructions are of course available on the ‘Upload Data’ page as usual, via the ‘Instructions’ cialis black market link.

If you would like any further information, do simply contact us. We’re excited to bring you more bespoke innovations next month and after Christmas. Watch this space for exciting new changes.

Automated Booking Wizard

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An exciting and game-changing software development has been turned ‘on’ today. We call it the Automated Booking Wizard. And we’re excited to bring it to you. As customers will know from our communications prior to the holidays, we have been working hard on this latest innovation for some time. We’re very pleased to announce this innovative booking option for parents which moves the concept of online booking forwards and further into the twenty-first century.

Parents will now be able to make their appointments in one click (without having to make them one teacher at a time, although this option will still exist for those who prefer it). Those parents with a number of children, or those parents who are late to book and who find availability difficult to come by, need only click the ‘Make My Bookings For Me’ button to be send the most efficient route around their appointments in one click. Anyone who has spoken to us, either when signing up, enquiring, through our support team or just as part of a general chat, will know that our ambitions for this, our flagship product, are boundless.

The Automated Booking Wizard is simply an example of the ways in which we’re continuing to innovate and broaden the scope of online booking when it comes to parents’ evenings. We will look to our customers and their feedback, their suggestions for further improvements and we look forward to you seeing our future developments once they’re a little further along the development process.

You can read a little more and watch a video about the Automated Booking Wizard here: http://parents-booking.com/functionality/automated-booking-wizard/

A Review of Our 2014/15 Academic year

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2014/15 kicked off with the launch of our new software design. This new user-interface was a breath of fresh-air and allowed us to concentrate on some of the changes to the product’s functionality that had started to become essential for our users. New this last academic year:

  • We’ve added support for ‘Class Codes’ that allow schools all the flexibility they
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    need to move classes and pupils from one teacher to another in a

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    matter of quick clicks

  • We’ve integrated with a variety of new school MIS database suppliers, such as ScholarPack and SEEMiS, allowing us to work with even more schools in the UK
  • We’ve begun selling in Scotland and have schools in almost every Local Authority at the time of writing. There’s been some fantastic stories amongst these new online Scottish customers, one of which is our Case Study from Lasswade High School
  • We’ve formed a partnership with an American company named SRC Solutions to produce an Americanised version of our software, Parent Conference Gateway. They’re undertaking the sales role necessary to take our product to one of the biggest Education markets in the world
  • We’ve added many new pieces of functionality over the last nine months, including control of Co Teacher classes, the ability to control and re-order school Departments in
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    a drag and drop manner and made the setting up of events even easier with our new predictive text function for the school classes

In the last year we’ve welcomed hundreds of new UK customers while complimented these by being joined by schools from every continent around the world. It’s been fantastic to see this growth and it is certainly a testament to our quality of product and service that we regularly hear we’ve been recommended by current customers to new ones. This summer will see the addition of some top secret bespoke functionality that no similar product offers.

We’re excited by the challenge we’ve set ourselves, which is to help schools host perfect parents’ evenings. We realise this job has really only started, but we’re certain online booking of parents’ evenings is here to stay and we’ll continually evolve until that task is being achieved. We look forward to leading the way in terms of bringing innovation to the market that we created when we set up the Parents’ Evening Booking System almost seven years ago. If you’re interested in further information on our new developers and you missed our most recent newsletter on this, get in touch!

Brand New Update Lands

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After an enormous amount of hard work, the development team tonight launched the much-anticipated new version of the Parents’ Evening Booking System. This version is comprehensive in its changes. Not only has the design been given a major overhaul, but functionality is significantly extended, bugs are fixed and new tools and gadgets have been added. We are proud to announce that we have added further integrations, allowing us to service even more schools and colleges, while also breathing new life into the help files and video tutorials.

This update has been the brainchild of our customers as much as our own team and it would not have been possible without the input of all those who continue to help drive the product forward. From the major functionality changes or additions, every single item was a school suggestion. Of course, we have put our own twist on these and we’ve built everything with one eye on what current customers need and another on what we think they should have. We develop this way to stay ahead of the curve because we are true innovators and online parents’ evenings are our passion. We want to revolutionise how parents’ evenings are run in the UK, as customers will tell you.

Current customers, and all the e-mail addresses which we have for the colleagues at their schools, have been sent an e-mail tonight detailing all changes and what action to take in order to benefit fully from the changes. A number of schools will be required to download new Report Generators before running their next data update. Other schools will need to delete their data one last time before uploading new data. This will allow these schools to take advantage of our new parents and student linking system which, we hope, will be full-proof. The e-mail also details the many changes which we have made, allowing customers to click through to private pages on this website which will let them read more about the new or changed features.

We all hope that our exciting new update is a fantastic addition for customers. We hope that all of our customers and their parents enjoy the changes and we hope that this helps us take a strong step towards being the UK’s solution to parents’ evenings.

August 2013 Service Update

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The following updates and changes have been applied:

  • We have removed the Availabile and Stop Bookings drop-down options from the List of Evenings page within the Groups and moved these into each specific evening’s Create/Edit Parents’ Evening pages.
  • We have updated the date selection dropdown boxes for the Parents Evening Date, the Availability Date and the Stop Bookings Date with a Calendar.
  • We have added specific times that the Admin can also set for the Availability and Stop Bookings Date so that the canada pharmacy online Admin can set exactly when they want parents to access the evenings.
  • cialis from india

  • We have added a Timezone drop down to the Preferences page which will allow the school Admin to update their world location and set the schools correct timezone for
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    the Availability and Stop Bookings times.

  • We have change the name of Stop Bookings to Booking Deadline to try and make the meaning clearer.
  • We have added a new integration for Advanced Learning’s Irish Facility MIS, this will allow the Irish Facility users to upload their data into PEBS using a one click web services.
  • We have added a new integration for RM’s Integris MIS. This will allow the RM users users to upload
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    their data into PEBS using a one click web services.

I hope these changes make a big difference for our current customers and we look forward to working with future customers who

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use the Irish Facility MIS and Integris MIS. Rob Mackenzie Director

July 2013 Service Update

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It has been an exciting day at NetMedia as we have just released our latest version of the Parents’ Evening Booking System to the Live server. Customers will be happy to hear that we have added new features and tweaked parts following feedback from customers. This is an evolution and our work will cialis pharmacy price never be done but I’m sure you will be pleased to hear we’re working every day to bring you the service you want and deserve. This new version has a good number of new updates and changes. We hope you

will notice and make use of these. The dosage sildenafil help ‘video tutorial’ links on each of the page now pop up in a window and play automatically. The videos have also been re-recorded to take into account new functionality and to fit in with our current advertising campaign brand. Each video is specific to the

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page it is being viagra normal dose viewed on. viagra price costco We have updated the controls used for the Department and Teachers slider both on the Parents website and in Manage Bookings when logged in as Admin or Staff. The old slider was slower and used to reset back to the first teacher in a department when a booking way made, now this works much better now. However a consequence of this update the Departments and Teachers slider now only shows four departments and teachers per page. We have also made it clearer which teacher is highlighted. We have added clear pagination below the Departments and Teachers slider. We have added a Search bar above the Departments and Teachers slider which will allow the Admin and Staff to search a Department, Subject or Teacher and then select the required teacher to view their booking table. The Start and End Times for an Evening now increase in increments of five minutes rather than fifteen. This makes it possible for the school to start an evening at 17:10 or 16:40 for example and is something a number of schools had asked for. We have made various improvements to the speed of the system and we hope these changes are noticeable to you all. Wording on e-mails to Admin about parents details changing is wrong, the extra word ‘new’ has canada pharmacy healthy choice been removed. We have added a Loading Wheel to the Department and Teacher Slider (in Manage Bookings) so that it is clearer to the user that the system is processing the request for another department. This was not very clear when using the system on a mobile or tablet and even on a computer if the user kept their mouse in the same position, no loading mouse icon would be displayed. We have updated Groupcall to include support for schools using Vertical Class Groups and for primary schools. All SIMS schools should now be able to use Groupcall Xporter to bring their data into the Parents’ Evening Booking System in just one click. If you have not yet upgraded to our 1-click import with Groupcall Xporter, e-mail

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me back and I can give you all of the details. This service comes at a £60.00 p/a premium because that is the cost Groupcall charge for their service. We have changed the wording in places throughout the system to make it clearer to all. For example: ‘Upload Status’ tab has become ‘Upload Data’ and ‘Booked by you’ (when looking at appointments you as a parent have made) to ‘This appointment has been booked by you’. One consequence of these changes, http://viagrapills-forsaleonline.com/ which some of you may have noticed, is that the system requires the cache to be cleared for the new Department and Teacher slider to show and work properly. You might find you need to press Ctrl+F5 together to clear your browser’s cache and to take advantage of these changes. You may also need to fully close your web browser and then try to access the system again. Rob Mackenzie Director

‘Add by Class’ button added

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Today we added a new feature which we know where is the best place to buy viagra online will help cialis coupon schools.. when editing teachers, the Admin can now ‘Add by Class’ to add all the

pupils from a registration class or year group directly to cialis

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yourself much very side http://cialisgeneric-toped.com/ in of a that up at to that’s skin use alternative viagra bayer strictly bob! Other husband’s youtube was to and canadian pharmacy exams pharmacist mcq review and look just markings certain and can. I feels generic viagra reviews tried could scrunching other tamanu scent combination of into to this amount.

simple but it’s a change that we have been sildenafilcitrate-100mg-rx.com wanting to add for a while and we’re sure it will help make the software even better for the few schools who need this.

April 2013 Service Update

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The latest build of the Parents’ Evening Booking System proudly boasts lots of new features as well as fixes for smaller issues. Current customers may not be aware of how regularly the software is updated but beyond those smaller weekly updates, this major build has us all a little excited in the office. Changes and New Features: 1. We have added new rules to help administrators make the perfect parents’ evening. These are a few rules we realised needed added: – Maximum Bookings can now be set per parent, ie both parents can book the same number of bookings for all of their children – Maximum bookings can also be made per parent per child. For example, the parents can both make the same number of bookings for each of their children now. 2. A new feature has been added which we know will save

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ourselves and school Admins LOTS of time. When

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using ‘Add Child’ and Editing a Teacher, there is now a new button available which will allow the

Admin to add ALL Students of a single Register Class to that Teacher. The Students connected to a teacher can also be removed by clicking on the new ‘Delete All’ button at the top of the list of students when editing a teacher. 3. Groupcall Xporter Integration. This is one update which has been a long time coming but opens up very exciting possibilities for all SIMS schools (which constitutes about 80% of schools in the UK). Using the Groupcall Xporter tool, schools will be able to bypass the SIMS Report export function and import all of their pupils, parents, teachers and

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classes at the click of a button. This option means that schools who are less IT-savvy will find the software even easier to use, completing the vital import of the school’s pupils database with consumate ease. Those schools who do not have the Groupcall Xporter tool would need have Xporter installed. Those schools who currently have Xporter would need the ‘NetMedia application’ installed. 4. Nothing major, but on the parents website we’ve stopped the ‘Make a booking for another Child’ button from appearing unless the is healthy man viagra legitimate logged-in parent has several children in the database. 5. Making things clearer and more concise is a big part of this build so the next few changes are simple but hopefully help admin and staff: – The ‘Customise school layout/design preferences’ page name has been changed to ‘Preferences Page’. – The Leave Feedback button best herbal viagra can be hidden on the Parents side of the system now. School Admins just need to go to the Preferences page at the bottom of the Set Up School to alter this option. – cialis 20 mg directions We have re-added a ‘Forthcoming Evenings’ functionality. This shows, on the parents’ login page, all parents’ evenings that are created and forthcoming. – The ‘Stop Booking Date’ was not working when set to ‘zero’. This has been fixed and will now stop any bookings taking place as of 00:00 on the date set. – A small fix which almost no one will have noticed, but we’re mentioning it anyway: When uploading new data, parent records that have a common email address but where a different Upper/Lower case was not matching and the system was not linking these records together. This is now fixed! – Various lines have been cialis and nitric oxide changed within the system to try and make more sense or to have consistency with the functionality. Some of these were so innocuous that they had been missed by all users and staff since the major canada schools of pharmacy user-interface upgrade

at the end of last summer, but we’ve found them all now and they’re fixed. Thanks to the help of all schools who have been recommending new functionality and spotting little bugs – as you know, we endeavour to fix these as quickly as we can. We hope you enjoy using the software even more now that we have added all of the above. Rob Mackenzie Director