Save Time and Money

We help schools save time and money in a number of important ways. Products which save time have always been billed as money savers, because time can then be spent on other projects, improving efficiency. While this is of course true, we feel our product not only saves time and improves efficiency but also has the ability to save schools money in other areas, legitimately improving the financial position on paper as well.

Admin/Staff Time Saving

Because events are setup in minutes, schools who have any admin time associated with running events in other ways which take up more than 10-15 minutes will find they save money with us.

Over the years we’re met schools whose staff will all sit around an office choosing appointments for their students. We hear of other systems where the office staff will make all the appointments themselves. No matter how quick and efficient a school gets at this, that’s a huge amount of time being spent on making appointments that we save completely.

In addition to saving time, running events online will of course improve parental engagement and improve communication aspirations between parents and teachers, but that’s a separate benefit.

Schools have even more control of reporting and statistics than before. Because schools can run reports in a click that show who has and has not booked, or attended, the time associated with collating this information and recording it digitally for analysis or benchmarking in the future is saved.

Schools can also take advantage of our communication tools, sending digital communications to parents, inviting them to book, reminding them of their appointments or sending them a follow-up if they haven’t booked yet. This can all be done in a few clicks, saving huge amounts of time (and money, so see below for more on this).

Teacher Time Saving

Schools who currently lose classroom time to the booking of parents’ evenings will save this time completely. That means more time for teachers to teach and more time for curriculum. Ofstead or school inspectors will be really pleased to hear about how innovation has saved classroom time, and with students no longer being responsible for the making of appointments, parents will be able to pick times that suit them, making the process better for all.

Money Saving

Schools who still work with paper are spending money that they can save. This isn’t just an eco-friendly message, it’s an important way to free up sometimes thousands of pounds which are being wastefully spent where they can be saved.

We offer schools communication tools within the Parents’ Evening Booking System which mean that a school can go completely paper-free, should they wish to. We can save printing, paper, stationary such as envelopes and even stamps, for those schools who still spend money on postage.