It’s easy to make a case for using the Parents’ Evening Booking System. In fact, once you’ve seen it in action, you’ll understand the hype.

We help schools in a number of ways. The product is multifaceted, offering a different way of running events and in so doing, creating a new process where parents make their own bookings.

When you think about it, this not only makes sense but is obviously the way these events should be run, giving parents the chance to come at a time that suits them and relieving schools of the pressure to make bookings for parents.

There’s no real doubt that this method would have been the way these events were run had the technology always existed.

From improving parental engagement and helping to organise events which are better prepared for and more effective, right through to saving the school money and helping the school to be more eco-friendly, our Parents’ Evening Booking System is the complete solution for schools, whether you think your parents’ evenings are good already, or need a lot of help.

Below are eight of the major benefits. Click on their title to learn lots more.

 Perfect Parents’ Evenings

We help schools run better prepared, more effective meetings by having parents make their own appointments, relieving schools of admin, teacher, staff, classroom and curriculum time.

 Power to

By offering parents the ability to make their own appointments and submit issues or discussion topics to teachers ahead of time, parents’ evenings are better prepared and more effective.

 Time Saving for Teachers

We save teachers hours of classroom time, curriculum time and, vitally, they also benefit from better prepared, more effective meetings.

 Simple Setup
for Schools

We help schools set up parents’ evenings quickly and easily so that colleagues can concentrate on other work.

 Save Time
and Money

We help schools save time through efficiencies and money through both efficiencies and using our communication tools and paper-free methods.

Closing the Gap in Attainment

Read more here to learn about how we help schools with four of the National Improvement Framework / HGIOS 4 key drivers in helping to close the gap in attainment.

 Improve Parental Engagement

Parental engagement is of course key to raising achievement. We help schools trace, track, invite, encourage and communicate with all parents.

 Go Paper

We help schools go paper free by offering creative electronic solutions, helping schools tom become more eco-friendly.