December 2016 Software Update

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Customers have recently received an e-mail which details the latest changes we’ve made to the Parents’ Evening Booking System. Amongst the many changes are the following exciting developments:

We have been canvassing customers on the features they want to see most. If you have any strong opinions, let us know!

Latest Release

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The latest release of the Parents’ Evening Booking System includes the following fixes and updates:

1. A new page has been added to the Teachers main menu page, this allows you to see all the teaching departments that have been uploaded. From here you can edit the department names and this will adjust the department name for all teachers within that department. This page will be further developed to offer new features such as Department Prioritising and Co-Teacher management.

2. The Register Class field on both the Create/Edit Parents’ Evening and Children in Evening pages has been updated. This field will now offer autofil suggestions so as you enter register classes you can click on the correct autofil suggestion and this will be entered into the Register Class field. There is also a new ‘Whole School’ option which will add all register classes that have been uploaded to the Register Class field. This should hopefully make the creation process of parents’ evenings easier and also reduce on any spelling mistakes for register classes. This is a massive update for the system and something I have wanted to do for quite a while now :).

3. We have added some text to the Parent Booking Table to try and make the booking process clearer. The system now displays how many teachers are available to book in each department and how many teachers have been booked so far. The system will also add a green tick next to all booked teachers and fully booked departments.

4. New text strings on the Parent Booking Table page can now be updated on the Set Up School > Preferences > Parent Booking Table page.

5. Manually added students were appearing at the bottom of the class lists. This has now been sorted to list all the students alphabetically.

6. The Staff – Manage Your Appointments page now shows expired parents’ evenings as well as the forthcoming parents’ evenings. There was also a timeout issue caused by the large data in old parents’ evenings, this has been fixed now as well.

7. Integration with RM’s Unify app store is almost complete as well, we will be very excited to announce this launch next month.

Best wishes,

Rob Mackenzie
Director of Product Development
Netmedia Ltd

New Support Desk

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Announcing a better, faster and smoother support process

As part of our continuous effort to give you a better experience, we have just migrated our customer support processes to Freshdesk. We strive to take full advantage of the powerful capabilities and best-practices in Freshdesk, to give you a better support experience.

How does this make a difference to you ?

Not a lot changes in terms of how you get in touch with us. You can shoot us an email to, and our support system will automatically create a ticket on your behalf. You will also be notified of our responses and status changes to your tickets via email as well, and you can send out your replies directly. The first time you send us a support query, you will receive an email with activation instructions to login to our support portal at Going forward, you can check the status or add comments to your support queries here. We are actively populating our support portal with FAQs and solutions in our knowledge base, so you can help yourself to how-tos and instructions. You can also discuss your ideas and share tips in our community forums.

We love hearing from you

We strive to give you an awesome support experience with every query, and your feedback will help us get there faster. We will be sending out satisfaction surveys for you to rate your support experience with us periodically. If you have any doubts or queries regarding our new support tools and policies, please drop us a line at, and we’ll be glad to assist you. And make sure you visit our new support portal at

Thanks very much.

Rob Mackenzie

August 2013 Service Update

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The following updates and changes have been applied:

  • We have removed the Availabile and Stop Bookings drop-down options from the List of Evenings page within the Groups and moved these into each specific evening’s Create/Edit Parents’ Evening pages.
  • We have updated the date selection dropdown boxes for the Parents Evening Date, the Availability Date and the Stop Bookings Date with a Calendar.
  • We have added specific times that the Admin can also set for the Availability and Stop Bookings Date so that the canada pharmacy online Admin can set exactly when they want parents to access the evenings.
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  • We have added a Timezone drop down to the Preferences page which will allow the school Admin to update their world location and set the schools correct timezone for
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    the Availability and Stop Bookings times.

  • We have change the name of Stop Bookings to Booking Deadline to try and make the meaning clearer.
  • We have added a new integration for Advanced Learning’s Irish Facility MIS, this will allow the Irish Facility users to upload their data into PEBS using a one click web services.
  • We have added a new integration for RM’s Integris MIS. This will allow the RM users users to upload
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    their data into PEBS using a one click web services.

I hope these changes make a big difference for our current customers and we look forward to working with future customers who

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use the Irish Facility MIS and Integris MIS. Rob Mackenzie Director